EthBlockArt Migration To Rarible Protocol

EthBlockArt Migration To Rarible Protocol

Total Cost


1: Integrate NFTs into the protocol (platform fee + royalties)
2: Switch to using Rarible Protocol exchange contract
3: Allow buying directly on

2 weeks

Funding Milestones and Payments

All payment provided at end of project

Payments will be made to the following Ethereum address:

Use of funds
Dev Hours/Planning/Project Management

We plan to actively answer any questions on the plugin forum thread as well as in Discord and help users integrate it into their app.
We will provide links to the plugin, demo page and forum thread as soon as it will be deployed.

About Us

Matt has been a developer on and off since 2007 and is
currently focused on innovating with Blockchain and Web 3.0 Tech

Eric is a Governance and incentives designer and Lead Coordinator here at RaribleDAO

Contact Details
Skype: live:.cid.55daaf50665efd1b
Whatsapp: +38163559135
Telegram: @mattreallycodes

Why should the Rarible DAO fund this?

EthBlockArt has many users already and is only continuing to grow.
EthBlockArt also has the potential to lead to expansion of the protocol with new functionality IE. The Indexer


Cool to see this proposal. Love EthBlockArt! Will support!


Great to see this proposal! I recall you being a guest, presenting Ethblockart in our community call back in May. Will also support this!


Update for Accountability:

We needed to rework the scope discussed and we ended up changing it to

1: Integrate the protocol
2: Getting all historical creators on-chain
3: Creating new contracts and configuring royalty split and royalties schema

I have found/created several solutions for the second item and I am waiting for feedback from the EthBlockArt Owner. I am currently working on the changes needed to integrate the protocol.

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Just a heads up on this. Communication with Adrien fell through, he didn’t want to select a solution that was feasible out of the seven or so I provided and then stopped communicating so this proposal didn’t continue.