DIGITALAX X Rarible & the Web3 Fashion Economy


  • Shared order book for 100’s of new web3 fashion designer brands and realms, to fit market demand for NFTs w/ real material utility IRL+ and in the open metaverse

  • Expand the reach + active user base of Rarible Protocol ecosystem marketplaces

  • Interoperable decentralised marketplaces make indie web3 creators more powerful by adding aggregated NFT discovery, an open source indexer, and shared orderbook to existing ecosystems with deep communities

  • Web3 fashion NFTs offer substantial value beyond speculative trades, and new long tail market growth for the Rarible x DIGITALAX ecosystems

Grant Proposal: DIGITALAX receives $100k from Rarible DAO for engineering, design, marketing and implementation of new shared order book integrations and interfaces for decentralised marketplace ecosystems, with special emphasis on the web3 fashion market.


DIGITALAX is a decentralised & forkable protocol stack for web3 fashion & the open metaverse.

Every Realm launched within the DIGITALAX protocol ecosystem receives their own custom NFT marketplace interface. This starts with the hundreds of indie web3 designers within the Global Designer Network (GDN) DAO, then immediately continues scaling to models within the Global Models Syndicate (GMS) DAO, collector DAOs launched within the Realm Patrons platform, other DAOs that DIGITALAX has a close-knit working relationship with, and NFT enhanced spaces within NYC, as well.

Through this grant proposal, DIGITALAX integrates the shared order book, shared liquidity, open source indexer, and the royalties standard from Rarible Protocol to be used by each of these soon to be 1000’s of Realms, marketplaces, and brands.

Why web3 fashion?

“It’s dangerous to go alone, take this”: Physical, digital, or in the open web3 metaverse, fashion protects us from the elements, gives us bags or pockets to carry extra assets with us, adds to the attraction we have for each other, shows our support of the indie creators pioneering web3 and the metaverse, gets us into special places, experiences, and events, can be staked for novel yield, worn to exclusive galas, or put on display in the galleries of our favorite DAO vaults.

More than just what they say about us, the web3 fashion NFTs we buy and wear help us move the market to a more sustainable focus on what NFTs can do and unlock for us.

Why rarible?

Rarible’s extensively battled tested, live market, authentically open source smart contracts and related architecture make life much easier for decentralized protocols and interfaces like ours to interact with, extend, build on, and collaborate with than pretty much anything available on the market now.

While our engineering team has built out extensive infrastructure over the past year and a half, the prospect of being spared countless headaches for not having to build out ourselves the shared order books, shared liquidity, an open source indexer and all of the rest of what Rarible protocol offers, gives us tremendous piece of mind. It also allows us to focus on developing high scalable and efficient custom front end interfaces for every designer realm— which are ecosystem and platform generators in themselves.


Eric approached me after Miami Art Basel, and we’ve had a few calls since, about some of the most interesting ways that DIGITALAX could bridge the web3 fashion economy into the Rarible protocol ecosystem, and why it would be a great fit for the grants program.

Changing how people understand the entire NFT landscape can catapult the Rarible Protocol –– and the decentralized multitudes of custom marketplace and NFT discovery interfaces built on the DIGITALAX x Rarible ecosystems –– further into the mainstream, ahead of the many more recent, very centralized marketplaces that currently get a lot more of the media and mainstream consumer hype so far.

It’s not hard to get how apparel or textiles in the physical world already play a pivotal role in day to day life. To bridge the gap between what’s already intuitive in physical environments for all of us to when it’s just as obvious why NFTs of the more digital, immersive, multi-utility, and fully decentralized kind are just as real, isn’t easy. Let’s be real. If it were easy, the market would look very different than it does so far.

This is the year, more and more, when the wider market will really start to understand how NFTs are used, not just seen, bought, and sold, in way that can’t be dismissed by those who insist web3 and NFT’s are just going to fade into a long bear market or that the metaverse is still many years away.

The technical advances of the shared order book, shared liquidity, open source indexer, and all the rest of what Rarible Protocol enables, combined with the new engineering funded by this grant proposal, will bring this utility and understanding to the voracious and savvy content consumer and creator cultures within fashion, art, music, interactive immersive spaces, etc, –– starting here in NYC and extending throughout the metaverse far beyond.

Use of funds

85% will be allocated to dedicated engineering team hours for architecture, integration, refactoring from existing ecosystem infrastructure, testing, marginal expansion of scope for new smart contract development as needed, new interface development, subgraph modification and redeployment, documentation, and code maintenance.

10% will be allocated to interface UX and UI design.

5% will be allocated to new educational content for the DIGITALAX, Rarible and broader web3 communities to more easily learn what this major expansion entails, what it does for all of us and how to make the best use of it.

Milestones and Payments

  • Milestone 0: Upfront payment at start of engineering
    • deliverables:
      • Work already completed
        • Realms
          • Index and map architecture for n-dimensional recursive realm deployments, each with unique realm identifiers and parameterised coordinates defining perimeter and layer stack schema specifications
          • Deploy the following smart contract + interfaces + scripts stack per realm:
            • AccessControls
            • RealmContribution NFT
            • RealmGovernance ERC-20
            • Figma marketplace template
            • NFT airdrop script & discord bot integration
        • Patrons
          • Build and deploy PatronNFTMarketplace contract (Fork from DIGITALAXMarketplace Contract)
          • Integrate DIGITALAXGarmentV2 ERC-998 Collection (Child NFT inclusion) Contract with PatronNFTMarketplace Contract
            • Multi-token payment feature > USDT, ETH, MATIC & MONA
            • Tiered Collection Functionality with primary sale prices set in USDT
            • Integrate with DRIPOracle Contract: USDT <> ETH <> MONA conversion
            • Include staking interoperability with DIGITALAXNFTStaking contract for $MONA ERC-20 rewards distribution
              • Refactor DIGITALAXNFTStaking contract to accept whitelisted NFT collections for staking
          • Construct, deploy and integrate PatronIndex Contract
            • Key index contract across designer realm wallet addresses + designer token URI data and patron tiered collections
          • List, map and write scripts to insert and retrieve function scoped values through custom subgraph deployment to and from Polygon
          • Custom front end development for Patron NFT marketplace and product purchase pages
            • Integrate Venly and Metamask DIGITALAX global wallet login
            • Update profile pages to include Patron NFT purchases
        • Upfront Engineering Budgeting
          • DIGITALAX pays out weekly salaries to our core engineering team for all work completed on the project. Our team works on average 6-7 days a week, 10hr + days.
          • You can view our full Transparency Reports here for Treasury budgeting released monthly. We are an entirely fair launched project.
        • Initial Refactoring
          • Renewing all documentation
          • Transfering all front end theming to Tailwind CSS
          • Restructuring marketplace interface code for optimised forkability, more efficient integration through existing common realm middleware layer to be ready for mass customisation across styling and indexed data, and also new Rarible backend interoperability
    • payment amount: $30k USD
    • delivery: when grant proposal is first approved
  • Milestone 1:
    • deliverables:
      • Documentation on architectural upgrade with transparent community releases
        • Smart Contract scope
        • Subgraph scope
        • Front end scope
      • New figma design templates for realm marketplace UI with optimised hooks for subgraph integration & inclusive of new Rarible smart contract features
      • First batch of storefront custom front end interfaces deployed
      • Shared orderbook integration across the first batch of storefronts
      • Running and leading community calls for engineering progress and web3 fashion educational content
        • Complementing this with Mirror, Medium and Twitter posts, as well as video production releases
        • Running a live event in NYC on the new Rarible x DIGITALAX smart contract architecture with free open source code smart contract give aways at a high end immersive Tribeca location/space
    • payment amount: $40K USD
    • delivery: 2 weeks after Milestone 0
  • Milestone 2:
    • deliverables:
      • Final batch (for this proposal) of initial storefront front end deployments, subgraph mappings and Rarible smart contract integration
      • Comprehensive unit testing, auditing and peer code reviews across the DIGITALAX and Rarible engineering teams
      • Launch of the DIGITALAX X Rarible Web3 Fashion Realm under the Patrons architecture
        • Extensive documentation within the open source repos for all new engineering developed through the funding of this proposal
    • payment amount: $30K USD
    • Delivery: 2 weeks after milestone 1, full completion

Total payment: $100K USD, complete upon delivery of phases.

Payments will be made to the following Ethereum address: 0x102f65434E9bc7Fd554317A3178f8c295B470902

What does this implementation do for users?

Every NFT marketplace and web3 brand wants more users, a buzzing community, number go up, a really clear way for creators, devs, collectors, and contributors to grok what they build, appreciate how much effort and skill goes into building it, and how damn cool it all is.

This implementation does that for more technical mined ecosystem builders using the Rarible x Digitalax protocols –– by combining the communities of 100’s to 1000’s of new web3 brands, digital-physical interactive spaces, and designer labels, each with their own marketplace interfaces, on a shared decentralized record of orders (the orderbook) that can be surfaced (through the open source indexer) in a wide variety of UIs customized to each unique aesthetic.

For every other kind of user –– including those more focused on the collect, create, buy, sell, trade, and appreciate politely at an appropriate distance side –– this implementation all leads directly to more sales for creators, more satisfaction for collectors, and new ways for community members to access a much broader range of interests and evolving featuresets.

Fit to Market

Web3 fashion designers and complementary creators using the marketplace ecosystem and shared order book tooling this proposal funds, satisfy market demand by:

  • Reaching a much larger community of highly engaged NFT / web3 OGs and newcomers
  • Enhancing their creative liquidity to make a greater volume digital and physical apparel at continued high quality
  • Offering the culture, status & utility wanted by the broader DIGITALAX, Rarible, and web3 metaverse ecosystems
  • Selling to a wider pool of collectors at all scales.

Demand for web3 & metaverse culture, status, and utility continues to grow at a staggering pace. The common order book feature upgrade drives increased ability to meet rising demand with fit to market production for all who integrate the open source contracts and interfaces made by the DIGITALAX engineering team with support from this Rarible DAO grant funding.

The first storefronts to go live include:

  • DIGITALAX aggregated digital fashion marketplace
  • DIGITALAX aggregated physical fashion marketplace
  • DIGITALAX aggregated model NFT marketplace
  • F3Manifesto NFT marketplace
  • RAW Apparel NFT marketplace
  • Alana the Web3 Girl NFT marketplace
  • TECHN0M0RPH NFT marketplace
  • Keeping Distance NFT marketplace
  • Progression NFT marketplace
  • Plug Life NFT marketplace
  • ALTERRAGE NFT marketplace
  • Stabiya NFT marketplace
  • Random Variable NFT marketplace
  • Oli3D Digital Fashion NFT marketplace
  • AVA3D NFT marketplace
  • Midwest Misfit NFT marketplace
  • ENKI Digital Fashion NFT marketplace
  • Fabeeo Breen NFT marketplace
  • Phoebe Heese NFT marketplace

Leadership & Stewardship

As lead steward, Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee will take on all responsibility for coordinating the engineering development, meeting milestones and keeping in close communication with the teams involved, as well as leading discord calls and Twitter spaces events to engage the broader web3 & fashion communities.

The four core DIGITALAX engineers— Victor, Haruto, James and Cameron— will lead all solidity, subgraph and web3 frontend development, as well as coordinate directly with the Rarible team out of the Discord group chat and on scheduled calls.


We will run community calls across the Rarible and Digitalax discords and twitter spaces, to keep the community up to date and to ramp up high fidelity education about web3 fashion usage, value, and production. A core part of this will involve directly onboarding the GDN and related fashion and modeling DAOs into the Rarible community and ecosystem as well expanding the rarible community’s access and interest in the web3 fashion ecosystem.

More about us

As you all know, building a true to its principles web3 ecosystem while staying fully independent, being a 100% fair launch / fair distribution project, and not taking any investment from VCs can be a challenging climb. This is how the DIGITALAX team has operated since day one.

We are excited to take on this new opportunity and bring more of the OG NFT community into web3 fashion in the most decentralised and open source way imaginable.

Here’s a quick look for those new to DIGITALAX of the core components of our protocol stack:

  • Fashion NFT marketplaces.
    • We have 3 fashion NFT marketplaces across digital, physical and custom boutique metaverse fashion.
  • Global Designer Network DAO
    • The first on-chain web3 fashion designer dao.
  • Designer Realms
    • Enabling designers with tech, governance and capital tools to launch their own indie web3 fashion labels.
  • Web3 Patrons
    • Different NFT utility tiers for anyone to champion and patron live designer realms.
  • Collector DAOs
    • Tools for anyone to launch and join a indie web3 fashion collector DAO
  • Fractional Garment Ownership.
    • Pattern, material, texture ERC-1155 NFTs owned by the ERC-721 master garment— variant ERC-998 standard.
  • LOOK: fashion loot.
    • Composable on-chain metaverse fashion. Derivative to the loot project.
  • Global Models Syndicate
    • Web3 and metaverse models network, minting digital dressing NFTs on our runway marketplace
    • Native web3 monthly metaverse magazine with NFT publishing model.
  • ESPA
    • Decentralised wear 2 earn esports platform for gaming skins.

Why should Rarible DAO fund this?

  • There is no better fit to build on as a truly decentralized ecosystem of marketplaces with a track record of putting the needs and interests of the community first.

  • This grant proposal provides funding for the DIGITALAX engineering and creative teams to bring the benefits of Rarible Protocols key features –– the open source indexer, shared orderbook and shared liquidity most of all –– to 1000’s of new realms, brands, and interactive creative spaces across web3 fashion, modeling, gaming and more.

  • This also allows us to grow the connections and routes between each constituent ecosystem as we scale up to meet demand from growing markets for web3 fashion and open metaverse content with instantly identifiable, collectable, and valuable utility.

  • As part of our commitment to this grant and engineering project, DIGITALAX will gift Rarible with recognition as a sponsor for the inaugural Realm Runway event taking place during NY Fashion Week February 12th at LUME Studios in Tribeca NYC. Read full details here.

  • Rarible will not be charged for this sponsorship credit as it’s a bonus to commemorate this major new ecosystem/engineering upgrade. As part of the sponsorship package Rarible DAO will receive an RRSDAO NFT, which you can read more about here.

Useful Links & Media

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Just had a great call with Emma, below are a few comments from our call:

  1. Milestone 1 will include buying and selling on the first batch of storefronts via the protocol
  2. The eventual goal is to have more of a drag and drop process for creators, but for now, DIGITALAX will be managing the deployment of these sites (“Extensive documentation within the open source repos” alludes to making this software easy to understand for these creators).

I am 100% in support of this initiative.


I support this , excellent work