DevRel Working Group Q1 Proposal

This proposal is to fund the DevRel working group. The first working group experiment has been a huge success, which has allowed us to move quickly as a group, fund workers, give contributors small tips, as well as feel empowered with direct governance over funds.

These funds will be added to the original Rarible Dao Protocol Working Group but will be used to fund all DevRel efforts. Active members of the DevRel WG include G2, Angus, Eduard, Szymon, and Graham. All members have voting power in the overall WG.

Graham McBain will act as the representative for this group, and ensure funds move to the DAO wallet address.

Payments will be made bi-weekly or monthly (as needed) to the following Polygon address:


Individuals who are paid by this working group will consider themselves independent contractors and will report taxes accordingly. Forms W8-BEN and W9 will be filled out accordingly before funds get distributed to them when appropriate. Graham will be responsible for collecting these forms.

Funding amount, and use of funds
$220K equivalent in RARI as an initial amount of funding for the working group. This will be split into two separate payments of $110k. These funds will be used to:

  • Continute to pay our two FT Support Engineers Eduard & G2
    • $15,500/month
  • Hire Szymon FT Technical Writer Szymon
    • $3000/month (part time) - $7000/Month (full-time)
  • Hire a Part time Developer in Residence to build tutorials
    • $8000/month (Estimated)
  • Continue to pay a DevRel Lead Graham
    • $4000/month
  • Fund the Q1 2022 hackathon sponsorships
    • $80,000
  • We expect these funds will last through Q1

Previous Work
Our team has achieved the following over the last quarter.

  • Reducing the Support ticket SLA from indefinite to under 48hrs in most cases
  • Introduced a Support ticketing system in Github
  • Increased SDK documentation from sub 10% coverage to 100% coverage (pending PR review)

The working group will be completely transparent around how funds are used, and provide reports at the end of each month outlining expenses.

Members of the working group will continue attending community calls and will participate in governance processes.

Why should Rarible DAO fund this?
We need to keep pushing forward with the execution of a decentralized ecosystem. Providing a great developer experience and engaging with developers where they are is an important part of that process.

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Hey @McBain,

Do you have an approximate breakdown for the funds/ costs for each line item you’re proposing? I think it would also be great to mention in this proposal some of the projects that the Working Group has taken on and completed over the last little bit. Provides context for those that will be voting on the snapshot on the work you have done so far.


@sarmad_greydient updated LMK what you think!