DevRel WG - Szymon Kolber Content Creator Proposal

Hello ladies and gents,

My name is Szymon and I’m a professional web & mobile app development. For past 2.5 years I was working as a full stack developer with JS stack mostly, but there was python, swift and data engineering involved as well. What brought me to Rarible is a project which I’ve created for my friend Mike who is an artist to create his own NFTs and sell them. Thanks to successfully implementation you can now see his pieces also in Rarible :slight_smile: (here’s the site if you’re interested: jawzart com). I’m thriving to be content creator specialising in tutorials for new people in Rarible space. I’ve already written blog post about my journey with jawzart (here). For the measurements purpose here is the list of my potential responsibilities:

  • Coding two high quality tutorial projects to showcase every possible aspect of Rarible protocol usage I will do it with NextJS & Typescript. NextJS because I personally think that it has super clear structure which allows users to jump right into what interest them. Typescript in order for them to be sure about types we’re using
  • Documenting it in engaging and educative way as articles (I can also make youtube tutorials)
  • Hosting projects live
  • Can answer questions about usage if those would appear

Resume: SzymonKolberCV.pdf - Google Drive
Github: kolberszymon

Time commitment: 17 hours / week

Compensation: 3000$ / month in ETH preferably.

Address: (Metamask ethereum address) 0x399B4B77538DC5b9A02319507d5E5C01B39D8607

If you have any questions or suggestion / complaints ping me up. Always happy to communicate :slight_smile:


I support this proposal.