Dev WG: My proposal to work for Rarible DAO as a developer


The Rarible DAO is already established in the NFT space and now it needs more development power to fulfil the expectations of the fast growing ecosystem.

It needs a team of developers who will work towards upgrading the protocol in terms of helping developers already building on it to get around it much easier and developing applications that will help the DAO communicate and provide for its members and holders.

This is key to attracting and retaining NFT innovators and builders on the Protocol.

With my engineering skills and full time commitment I can help the DAO strive and expand to the true potential that it holds.

Problem / Opportunity

In the last couple of months the Rarible DAO made a huge expansion with a lot of startups building on it.

The DAO needs to respond to those requirements and help its builders with using the protocol.

To keep up with its competitors, it needs sharp minds to constantly innovate and build new ideas that will make the DAO a better place for its users and holders.

Building and expanding those ideas is the key to keep great minds interested to build on the Protocol and be part of the Rarible ecosystem generally.

I am providing full time, full stack developer help for all the challenges that arise with the startups building on it and all the developing all the ideas the DAO team has for a much smooth operation.

My contribution to the DAO will have several benefits:

  1. Develop applications and ideas for applications that will help the other projects get started quickly
  2. Help raise awareness about the DAO and ecosystem. Showcase what is being built, and how we are the leading NFT innovation. This will help attract more builders who are interested in shaping the future of NFTs on top of the Rarible protocol.
  3. Help developers working on the protocol
  4. Day to day communication and cooperation with DAO for the development needs and expansion of use cases.

My Background:

I have been a full stack engineer for 3 years so far. Working on web applications in both the Web2 and Web3 space. My initiative is to completely switch to Web3 with full time commitment working for the DAO. I am the Frontend lead and a Co-Founder of Radical, a protocol that was funded by Rarible DAO and gives 30% of it’s governance token to the DAO. I feel really comfortable in the Rarible ecosystem and would like to provide my services and my knowledge as a software engineer to boost the DAO beyond every expectation. My work and specific background is all around the links below.

Useful links/ Contact information:



Github: StefanVelkoski · GitHub

Discord: sv#2359


Funding Milestones and Payments

The first scope of my engagement will be to build a front-end lazy minting interface, where people can really easily lazy mint items to the protocol. Brief overview:

  1. Ability for a user to lazy mint single or multiple 721s.

  2. Ability to choose to create a new collection for your 721, or select an existing collection to mint to.

  3. Ability to upload an image, and select the number of items to mint.

  4. Optional ability to upload which address has the ability to claim these NFTs, and how many items each user can claim.

  5. The ability to set a price for these NFTs.

  6. All of the above is on a single page.

  7. “CLAIMS” page. Users should be able to log in, and see all the NFTs they can claim. Once they claim, the items disappear from this page. Some of the items they will need to pay for (with a price), others will only need gas (set price to 0).

  8. Home page and a success page after minting that redirects to

I propose to work for 8 hours every day for 5 days at a rate of $35 per hour ( $5600 per month paid in RARI) .

If mandatory work is needed during some weekends it will be included within this rate.

Payments will be made to the following Ethereum address:



I consider myself an independent contractor of the Rarible DAO and will report taxes accordingly. Forms W8-BEN and W9 or other applicable forms will be filled out accordingly before funds get distributed to me.


I will attend weekly community calls where I share my progress to the community, providing and updating the milestones accordingly as I make progress.

I will be available full time for any meetings or discussions ( urgent or scheduled ) as a development representative of the DAO, regardless of time zone differentiation.


Thanks for your proposal and appreciate you identifying the needs as well as the possibilities for the protocol. Have you joined our discord or have been to our calls by any chance?

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Yes, I’ve joined the Discord and been to several governance and developers calls since April.

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Very cool! I’ll make sure to say hello next time.

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note from the call: -add fee splits

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