Dev WG: Ezra 2-month Trial Period

Hey everyone!:wave: Ezra here. This post follows the new pattern we’re trying out in the dev working group (see Brandon’s post here).

This proposal is for kicking off my 2-month trial period as a full-time contributor for the Dev WG.

Check out this doc for why we’re starting with 2 month trials and other context:

Doc covering my background, how I expect to contribute, and my proposed compensation:

So far, I’ve been responsible for much of the internal organization of the dev working group (e.g. suggesting this process, facilitating meetings, etc. – here’s another doc that shows some of the thinking we’ve been doing). Over the next week or so I’ll continue to get the group organized and hope to be able to present 2-3 projects currently being working by members to the DAO in a clear way.

Happy to field any questions, comments, and ideas!