Dev Rel WG: SKREFI's 2 Month Trial Proposal

I am Razvan, but I usually go by SKREFI :smiley:

As a software engineer, I know how much well-written and structured documentation is needed for a new builder to experiment with new tools and the critical role it plays. As everyone knows, six hours of debugging can save you 5 minutes of reading documentation! :lol:

Currently, the Rarible Protocol needs much improvement on the documentation from what I’ve gathered from the community, and I’m proposing to fix that by:

Short term goals:

  • Gain more knowledge about what the rarible protocol is through 1:1’s with people in the DAO and using resources that are already available.
  • Go through and fix critical documentation sections which are outdated, broken, or not needed anymore.
  • Go through what the protocol can be used for, and there is not enough (or any) documentation, and create documentation to support it.
  • Keep a close link with support engineers G2 and Eduard to actively update documentation based on their findings in GitHub issues/discussions & discord.

Long term:

  • Work together with Angus and Szymon on technical content (or new documentation) for the protocol.
  • Build and work with Szymon on demo apps.


Software engineer and web3 enthusiast, coding from a very young age, started my journey at the age of 16 when I’ve completed an android nano degree at Udacity. Since then, I’ve been building apps as a hobby and recently started working as a full-stack senior developer at a web2 company.

Linkedin: Razvan S. - Senior Software Engineer - NetRom | LinkedIn
Github: SKREFI (Razvan Sandu) · GitHub

Time commitment: 30h/week

I am asking for $5000 paid in DAI to 0x2f7196dE95B2F7c209bFd801F6cb01e092A00d8F

Thank you for your time.