Dev Rel WG: Hackathon Funding Proposal


This proposal is allow for funding so Rarible DAO can sponsor various Hackathons!


Hackathons are a great way to bring new hackers and developers onto the protocol.

Several major Hackathons are coming up and Rarible DAO would love to sponsor:

ETH Online

ETH Lisbon


Sponsoring Hackathons will help us grow the Rarible DAO and lead to new applications for the protocol.

Eric Arsenault will act as the representative for this group, and ensure funds are used appropriately. Payments will be to the following Ethereum address: 0xa15Ca74e65bf72730811ABF95163E89aD9b9DFF6.

Funding amount, and use of funds

$100,000 equivalent in RARI as an initial amount for funding the above mentioned hackathons and other upcoming events. These funds will be mainly be used sponsor the hackathon, provide bounties, and fund other hackathon related activities such as conference panels and lectures to educate hackers.


Representatives for each Hackathon will report on the overall success of the event in community calls.

We will also compile a list of each project built on the Rarible Protocol and continue to work with promising teams to further their development. These will also be shared during community and working group calls.

Why should Rarible DAO fund this?

The success of our protocol is reliant on how many quality developers we can onboard to build new applications. Hackathons are one of the best methods for gaining new exposure which will help grow the DAO.