Dev Rel WG: Graham's 2 Month Trial proposal

Hi All! I’m Graham, I’ve been helping out to bring some structure to the Dev Rel org. I’m a strong believer in producing a world-class developer experience in decentralized systems, and I believe we can do that here at Rarible DAO.

Work Thus Far

  • Created a project proposal template to standardize all future Dev Rel project proposals
  • Submitted the Support Engineering Project plan using the above format
  • Met the entire DevRel team and a few people in the Dev Org
  • Created an OKR submission template
  • Asked the entire DevRel team to submit OKRs for Q4 to better communicate what our org is doing
  • Scoped out a plan for the DevRel roles so that we have clear responsibilities and clearly defined goals


Time commitment: 10 hours per week
I’m asking $4000 in $RARI / month

Address: 0x2271fe6D76ab94352eF826d97445048Bd8C4d45F

Thank you for reading my proposal!

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I’d like to officially add my title as “DevRel Lead” so I can tie my work to the OKRs of that role

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I support this message