Dev Rel WG: Eduard's Monthly Compensation Proposal (October)

Hi everyone, I’m Eduard. This is my monthly compensation proposal for the following contributions in the month of October.

  • Create and implement a new structure for together with Angus
  • Create new content for the docs.
  • Keeping the docs up to date based on ad-hoc tasks
  • Prepare a weekly meeting document for the Friday dev call where all unanswered questions in the past 7 days are answered. Curate and deliver these answers to protocol members and follow up on their issues.
  • Manage some of the issues in GitHub discussions.
  • Onboard new DAO members to dev-rel and builders group.
  • Hosting and performing weekly maintenance on
  • Attend 1:1 sessions with the new members in the builders group.
  • Create ideas for hackers to build at hackathons.
  • Work on a content strategy
  • Work on the engineering support process together with McBain
  • Ad-hoc tasks based on dev-rel wg needs


Time commitment: 30 hours per week
I’m asking $5500 in DAI / month per my discussion with Eric
I will ask to revisit allocation depending on time available, and responsibility increases.

Total compensation asked:
5500 DAI (October compensation) + 81.72 DAI (hosting costs for = 5581.72

Address - Polygon: 0x83309Edc1de592cAFB0c5D0E6c5363d64728594f
Gnosis Safe: Dev-Rel
Link to snapshot proposal

Thank you for reading my proposal!

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