Dev Rel WG: Eduard's full-time proposal

Hi everyone, I’m Eduard. I have spent the last 3 years working in the blockchain space, 2 of which have been in Developer Relations. I’ve joined the Rarible DAO on the 20th of August with the Developer Relations working group and have been working on a full-time basis since then.

Like most of the DAO members, it’s my first time working in such a decentralized environment, but so far I’m enjoying the learning process.

Github: eduardstal (Eduard) · GitHub

Time commitment: 30 hours / week

Compensation: $5500 / month paid in DAI. This is the equivalent of 66k / year and is within the guidelines for Developer Relations compensation.

Address (Polygon): 0x83309Edc1de592cAFB0c5D0E6c5363d64728594f

Link to snapshot proposal.


I approve of this proposal!