Dev Rel WG: Eduard Compensation Proposal (August + September)

Hi everyone, I’m Eduard. My background is in technical customer support and developer relations. I’ve just joined the Rarible DAO mid August with the Developer Relations working group and have attended any developer-related meetings.

Proposed Duties

I am submitting my proposal to join the working group and contribute in the following ways:

  • Learn more about the Rarible Protocol by reading the docs and experimenting with various Github repositories.
  • Design a Discord, Forum, and Github design flow for development questions and feature requests.
  • Keeping up to date.
  • Redesign a pre-production structure for
  • Redesign the dev-rel Kanban Board which now features color coding and assignment lists.
  • Help with tech questions in Github.
  • Attend dev, sync, dev-rel, and ad-hoc weekly meetings.
  • Migrate and self-host Moving away from the subscription-based forum since it has limits (x amount of admins, x amount of pageviews/month, etc).
  • Research and implement a bot that sends threads posted in the Proposals category to the #proposals channel in discord.
  • Research and implement a bot that sends GitHub discussion to the #github-updates channel in discord.
  • Parse all questions from #dev-general and index them into (The questions were later moved to Github discussions as that is the main place we’ll be having all technical protocol discussions)
  • Ad-hoc operations related to dev-rel.


Time commitment: 25-30 hours per Week
I’m asking $2,000 in DAI per month.
I will ask to revisit allocation depending on time available, and responsibility increases.

Since I’ve joined the DAO in August (on the 20th of August) I’ll also be asking for compensation for that time in this proposal as well.

Total compensation asked:
2000 DAI (for September) + 666 DAI (for August) = 2666 DAI

Address - Polygon: 0x83309Edc1de592cAFB0c5D0E6c5363d64728594f

Thanks everyone, I can’t wait to be a part of the Rarible Protocol!

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Hey @eduardstal
Supportive of this proposal!

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APPROVED: Polygon Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | PolygonScan