Dev Rel WG: Angus Compensation Proposal (up to end of September)

Hello everyone. My name is Angus. I have spent the last 5 years working in the blockchain space, 3 of which have been in Developer Relations specifically. I have been attending calls and getting involved with the DAO since around July.

The Rarible Protocol’s success will be measured in many ways, but they all depend on apps which are built on it. Apps are built by developers. The Developer Relations working group aims to attract, onboard, support and retain these developers within the Rarible Protocol ecosystem.

Proposed Duties:

  • Write and update developer documentation
  • Create, update and implement Developer Relations Content Strategy
  • Interface with Marketing working group and work on delivering Developer Relations Content to support overall Marketing content strategy and calendar
  • Create, update and implement Developer Relations hackathon and events strategy
  • Interface with Developer Working group to support their initiatives and collaborate on joint ones
  • Interface with Business Development working group to support their activities with project sourcing and content generation
  • Ad-hoc operations related to dev-rel.

Current Projects:

  • High level comprehensive restructure of the developer documentation at We are currently trialling new approaches to structuring the information and telling the story of Rarible Protocol on the docs site. The work in progress can be seen on the preproduction variant of the docs here: Landing page - Rarible Protocol

  • The Hackathon Playbook: This is a pre-packaged action plan and strategy for hackathons which we are involved with in any capacity. It is designed to make sure we maximise the benefit from these events, don’t miss any crucial tasks/activities and measure results so we can gain insights from data in future.

  • Developer Relations Content Strategy: Designing a strategy and plan for the generation of Developer Relations content like developer blog articles, tutorials, webinars and videos. This is coordinated with marketing to fit into the overall content strategy and calendar.


Time commitment: 40 hours/Week
I’m asking $10,833 in DAI per month.

I was planning on beginning full time work in July, but I contracted covid in August which severely hampered my ability to contribute meaningfully. I would like to be paid the amount above for the month of September, plus $5,415 for work done in July (getting up and running) and August (reduced capacity due to covid).

Total compensation asked:
$16248 = 766.77 RARI (@ $21.19 per RARI, per Coingecko at time of posting)

Address - 0xb4B3A5c55f2ace5EF46554c0094213cD4a131593

Thanks for reading my proposal, and please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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update: here is the snapshot.