Dev Rel WG: Angus 2 Month Trial

Hello everyone. My name is Angus. I have spent the last 5 years working in the blockchain space, 3 of which have been in Developer Relations specifically. I have been attending calls and getting involved with the DAO since around July.

I am proposing a 2 month trial as a full time paid contributor to the DAO via R Group.

We have been steadily improving our practices and processes and in the next two months I expect to be working on:

  1. Documentation:
  • Formalising a workflow for Developer Relations and others to contribute to the docs on the new platform (MkDocs)
  • Adding examples to API reference
  • Adding technical content like guides, tutorials and demo apps
  1. Content
  • Formalising what kind of content Developer Relations will publish (Content Strategy)
  • Putting process into place to create, refine, approve and publish content (Content Pipeline)
  • Content creation and refining duties


Time commitment: 40 hours/Week
I’m asking $10,833 in DAI per month.

Address - 0xb4B3A5c55f2ace5EF46554c0094213cD4a131593

Thanks for reading my proposal, and please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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We’re currently looking for a fulltime Technical Writer to run the documentation. Can this reflect that you are proposing to take on that role?

That way when we have OKRs that are tied to a role you and the DAO know how to judge the work you’re doing!

Thank you for submitting this! Once the above is clear I’ll support it!