DAOlationships - Creator Economy Working Group Proposal

Authors: @Crown, @jarisjames, @Wednesday, @Melasin.eth


This proposal outlines a strategic collaboration between the Rari Foundation and DAOlationships, a community that creates content as a public good. We’re focusing on enhancing community engagement through a decentralized creator economy. The initiative involves launching a hybrid roundtable podcast and Twitter space titled “Beyond PFPs,” utilizing Huddle01 for video format and the Rari Foundation Twitter for live community interaction. This approach aims to explore the diverse applications of Rarible’s open source NFT protocol in an engaging, multimedia format, highlighting real-world NFT use cases.


While NFTs are often seen primarily as digital collectibles or profile pictures, their potential reaches far into various sectors. Our podcast will introduce a range of innovative applications, such as tokenizing real estate deeds on the blockchain as one of many examples. We aim to engage with projects across different industries, suggesting creative ways to use Rarible’s open source NFT protocol. Topics could include digital identity verification, enhancing supply chain transparency, or creating unique digital experiences in art and entertainment. These discussions are designed to broaden the understanding of NFTs, showcasing their versatility and potential impact in numerous fields.

DAOlationships aims to elevate community engagement and promote Rarible’s open source NFT protocol through innovative content delivery. The “Beyond PFPs” podcast will also serve as a business development tool to inspire guests to create real-world NFT use cases, advancing the space through the Rarible protocol.


This collaboration aligns with the Rari Foundation’s values, introducing a novel approach to content creation in the Web3 space. It offers an opportunity to showcase real-world applications of NFTs, encouraging guests to develop NFT projects using the Rarible Protocol. This strategy aims to enhance community knowledge while fostering practical innovation in the NFT space.

Key Terms

DAOlationships: A Decentralized Creator Economy focused on producing content as a public good.

“Beyond PFPs” Podcast: A multimedia exploration of NFT use cases beyond profile pictures, hosted on various platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter Spaces, Spotify, Pods (web3 alternative to Spotify).


The podcast will utilize iweb3 and traditional media platforms, offering a rich, interactive experience. Key elements include:

  • Podcast Content Strategy: Development of a comprehensive plan for episode themes, guest interviews, and a publication schedule, focusing on diverse perspectives related to the Rarible Protocol and real-world NFT applications.

  • Hybrid Podcast/Twitter Space: Hosting the podcast in a video format on Huddle01, combined with live Twitter Spaces for real-time community engagement.

  • YouTube, Spotify, and Pods Integration: Creating a Rari Foundation YouTube account for video uploads, a dedicated Spotify account, and utilizing Pods for audio content, ensuring accessibility across various media channels.

  • Sponsorship and Revenue Sharing: Actively seeking sponsors for the podcast, with 10% of all sponsorship revenue being contributed back to the Rari Foundation.

  • Quality Assurance in Production: Adhering to high production standards for both audio and video content, with regular review sessions for continuous improvement.

  • Promotion Strategy: Coordinated promotion across social media, crypto communities, and other relevant channels, leveraging organic sharing and the networks of both Rarible and DAOlationships.

Steps to Implement

  • Set up necessary channels on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Pods.

  • Co-create a podcast content plan aligned with the Rari Foundation’s values and focusing on real-world NFT applications.

  • Execute podcast production in both video and audio formats.

  • Co-promote and share podcast episodes across various channels.


Start Date: Begin Research/Scheduling in December, and begin producing content in January.


  • Create all necessary channels: YouTube, Spotifiy, Pods
  • Create the branding for “Beyond PFPs”
  • Create the Schedule for the 1st month of the Podcast (4 Episodes)
  • Book guests for one episode per week, 4 episodes per month
  • Create a Graphic promoting each episode. 1 per week
  • Release at least 2 tweets per week from the Rari Foundation & DAOlationships twitter account
  • Host 4 episodes per month, 1 per week
  • Edit 4 episodes per month, 1 per week
  • Upload 1 episode to YouTube, & Spotify per week, 4 per month

Completion Date: 3 Months.

Overall Cost

The total cost for this partnership is estimated at 6,000 RARI, covering content creation, social media management, research, video editing, graphic design, operations, and bounties for social listening to assist in landing notable guests.

To ensure accountability and alignment with project milestones, we propose utilizing the grant framework of Hedgey Finance, a free open-source tool for time-locked token distribution. This approach will allocate locked RARI tokens, which can be revoked by the DAO if necessary. Additionally, a condition will be coded into the grant agreement to unlock portions of the RARI tokens as specific milestones are achieved. This method ensures that the funds are used efficiently and in accordance with the progress of the project, providing a transparent and secure way to manage the grant.


hi @jarisjames
I appreciate your detailed explanation during the Proposals review call.
I like the proposal. I’ve seen your work before in similar cases and I know the quality the DAOlationships team can bring.

It would be great if you could provide documented examples of similar campaigns executed with DAOlationships in the past. This would offer everyone a clearer understanding of what to anticipate.

  • As discussed in the call - the campaign planning should be flexible to adapt and capitalize opportunities for Rari.
  • Also, elaborating on how you intend to distribute the produced content to reach a wider audience would strengthen your case.
  • Including some technical content would be a nice-to-have as well :slight_smile:
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Absolutely, the idea is to work very closely in tandem with Rari Foundation members to provide/receive regular updates on the progress of the campaign - we already have channels open with Jana, Xenia, Addie and are open to everyone who is interested. We’ll discuss campaigns, results and content on a regular basis. This includes working on high level technical content together to ensure accuracy and but also that it’s easily digestible as well.

The content will be released on YouTube, Spotify, and Pods and will be promoting the content via our Twitter networks. We’ll be standing up any distribution channels that don’t exist at the moment for Rari.

The podcast will consist of roundtable discussions with well-established projects to discuss real-world NFT use cases, and each project within the roundtable will share tweets prior to the actual event to amplify engagement.