ColorPixels - Decentralized Streaming & NFTs [Grant Proposal]


This proposal is for the completion of development of ColorPixels and its implementation of the Rarible DAO Protocol . ColorPixels is a decentralized live streaming platform that allows creators and gamers to make money from the minting of NFTs from clips during live events.

ColorPixels won best use of the Rarible Protocol for EthGlobal Hackathon.


Live Streaming reached new heights in 2020 and has continued to grow in 2021. But the way creators earn money hasn’t evolved. Many have hopes of making a living from streaming daily, however platforms like Twitch and YouTube are still not transparent about payments for creators.


By integrating ColorPixels with the Rarible Protocol and Twitch, we open the world of live streaming to transparent and innovative payments for creators. As we add features and scale it is important to integrate with a proven NFT marketplace that can handle the volume of NFTs that can be minted via popular gamers, musicians, sports, and more. ColorPixels is not built to be a Twitch competitor. We are built for creators to use as a tool for streaming to Twitch.

Use of Funds

Funds will be used to hire a designer, two developers, and pay myself (Jacoby DuBose) to work 40 hours / week for developing and marketing this project.

Milestones & payments:

  • Phase 1: Complete development of platform for public launch - $10,000 - Delivery Nov 14, 2021

    • Design & Branding
    • Creator Profiles
    • Rarible Collections from Live Streams
    • Improve Video Clipping service
    • NFT Storage
    • Multicasting Live Streams to Twitch and YouTube
  • Phase 2: Fractionalize NFTs - $15,000 - Delivery December 11, 2021

    • Add artwork, filters, and designs for users to make creative NFTs from clips
    • Complete development of NFT trading dashboard

Payment will be made to the following ethereum address: 0x15ADeEBbDC451e289d341c84f7EFD3F945269D74

Useful Links

ColorPixels won Best Use of the Rarible Protocol at EthGlobal Hackathon.


Hey Jacoby! The demo looks great!

My biggest question for this project is: it seems like you are trying to be a direct competitor to Twitch and other live streaming platforms. That seems like a huge uphill battle to me. Why not take a similar approach to CocoNFT and instead help streamers on established platforms mint their clips as NFTs and / or get tips in crypto? OR how do you think ColorPixels can get traction as a streaming platform in a world where Twitch & Youtube exist?

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Thank you for that addressing that. I don’t want to be a direct competitor to Twitch. Instead I want creators to use ColorPixels as tool stream to Twitch, YouTube, etc… We will create bots and/or plugins to handle the minting. Fans watching via ColorPixels is optional. But I’m totally open to your suggestions.

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@Rarible just wanted to let you know I’ve started updating our proposal. We are solely focused on being a tool that is used for streaming to Twitch and mints with Rarible Protocol. Thank you for your input.

Will you be submitting a new proposal or letting us know when you’ve compelted the update here?

Would be great for you to join the proposal meeting tomorrow.

I see a Builders and App Q&A on the calendar but I don’t a proposal meeting. I will finish updating this one today. Please let me know the time of the meeting and I’ll join.

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Hi @jacobydubose

Your proposal is up for a snapshot vote: Snapshot

Hi @jacobydubose,

Unforuntately your proposal did not pass the snapshot vote.

We wish you best of luck on your project and hope you find a way to complete it.

Thank you for applying,