Biz Dev: Working (Contributor) Proposal


In order to drive adoption to the Rarible protocol and achieve network effects, the DAO needs a functional business development team.

This is because adoption usually consists of two parts:
→ Build a great product.
→ Create distribution, which is where the business development team sits.

I’m offering to join the DAO as a part-time member to help build out the Biz-Dev team and achieve key milestones (tbd further, once we’re more clear on this internally).

Problem / Opportunity

As a “start-up” in the crypto space, adoption of the protocol is the most important thing - it’s effectively the measure of success in crypto.

This means:
Getting users, build partnerships with web3 projects, inspire developers & innovators to build, achieve a good standing within in the crypto community & and nurture relationships with key players.

All things considered, no easy feat.
Especially if we consider the speed of the ecosystem and the amount of competing protocols/projects grasping for market share.

Ultimately though, two factors seem to decide whether a project thrives or dives:
It’s developer & user adoption.

And both can be positively influenced by Business Development.

In order to be a competitive protocol and create a thriving ecosystem, the Rarible Protocol needs to implement a Business Development Team which does proactive outreach, build relationships, represents the protocol in a manner to drive adoption, gets developers engaged and loop user feedback back to the team internally.

This includes persuading projects/teams to build on top of the protocol, keeping track of projects & their status and nurturing relationships with key-players in crypto.
Learnings with external developers should be looped into comms/marketing/devs internally to pursue the best “product” possible and get an adoption “flywheel” spinning.

A possible flywheel could look like the following:
→ The easier it is to build on top of the protocol, the more developers do it, the more projects are building on top of it, the more the awareness spreads, the more feedback we get and the more people build on top of it.

Ultimately, business development greases the flywheel and does not only raise awareness, but feeds feedback back to the DAO and make our approach better.

I’m offering up-to 30hrs a week to help in the Business Development function as needed.
This includes:

  1. Doing relevant outreach to web2/web3 projects and pursuing integrations.
  2. Holding accountability towards the “project pipeline”
  3. Nurturing relationships with key players in the space
  4. Representing the protocol during events
  5. Feeding feedback back to internal teams so we can adjust our strategy accordingly
  6. All things related towards driving adoption forward (tb defined further)

My contribution will have the following benefits for the DAO:

  1. Driving strong adoption of the Rarible Protocol within existing web2/web3 companies + new projects
  2. Raise awareness of the protocol & it’s ecosystem by systematically educating potential projects/partners
  3. Manage the Business Development pipeline so the DAO can accurately “forecast” the newest projects/partnerships internally + externally
  4. Day-to-day comms for all things related to drive the adoption forward - including i.e. answering questions on the Discord, having scope calls with early projects, giving feedback to marketing towards GTM planning based on feedback etc.
  5. Communicate possible roadblocks from potential projects/users to the devs/teams internally, to make building on top of the protocol more attractive.
  6. All things related to setting up a successful Biz-Dev Department (i.e. setting up CRM, drafting Sales Pitch etc.)

My Background

I have been working in partnership sales at a tech-company in the SaaS space since 3+ years. During that time, I’ve acquired the skillset of “tasteful” outreach (so initiating conversations in a “non-salesy” way, crucial for crypto I believe), setting & holding prospects accountable to timelines, getting the feedback back to the team and just overall business development acumen. In addition to that, I’ve been familiar with the space since 2017 and know the “ins & outs” of our culture. Working “part-time” for the DAO is my dabble into the crypto space as a “job” and I fully intend to go full-time as time goes on.

Useful links/ Contact information


Discord: Kinempor#3346
(If interested in my LinkedIn profile feel free to reach out on Discord. I’m german and uncomfortable sharing my IRL data on a public forum, but will gladly do so with everyone who reaches out!)

The first scope of my engagement will be primarily helping build the Biz-Dev team and starting to professionalize the outreach. This will change as needed as it is a work-in-progress.

Here is a brief overview of things I’ve already contributed & things to be done in the near term:

  1. First learnings & outreach done in hackathon efforts - a “post-mortem” - published here: BizDev - Hackathon Learnings - Google Docs
  2. Understanding the current “project pipeline” and reporting on the things happening atm (in progress)
  3. Building a targeted list of potential web2/web3 companies and doing relevant outreach (in progress)
  4. Help build & organize the business development function as needed (i.e. set-up a notion documenting our progress ← done)
  5. Help build educational material to better onboard potential users/DAO members (getting started)

My work-output shall be spread across the week - depending on what is needed & circumstances. Calls can be scheduled anytime of the week and I will be available as needed on Discord.

In total, the approx. hours spent per week will amount to up 30h (min. 20h) & my ask is 6500$ per month in RARI token as per the outlined compensation guidelines here:

I consider myself an independent contractor of the Rarible DAO and will report taxes accordingly. Forms W8-BEN and W9 or other applicable forms will be filled out accordingly before funds get distributed to me.

Payments shall be made to this address:


Once certain reportings/dashboards are set-up (in progress), I will track everything accordingly to provide full visibility. I will attend all weekly biz-dev calls & other calls as needed. I will be available full time for any meetings or discussions (urgent or scheduled) as a business development spokesperson, in respects of my timezone (CEST).

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