Amplifying Delegate Profiles & Fundraising for Rari Working Groups Directly on Twitter through IDriss


IDriss is an open-source protocol and browser extension (75k+ weekly users) that bridges Twitter with the web3 world by associating public wallet addresses with Twitter usernames. Through IDriss, Twitter users can natively send and receive crypto, including facilitating perpetual donations. We propose a collaboration with the Rari Foundation to enhance the Delegate Launchpad members’ visibility, enable working groups to raise additional funds, and reward community content creators, and support individuals who frequently engage in Twitter Spaces.



The Rari Foundation has various working groups and community initiatives that require continuous funding and support. IDriss offers a solution to facilitate seamless and continuous fundraising directly on Twitter, fostering community support and financial growth. Also, content creators and prominent voices in Twitter Spaces can leverage IDriss to receive appreciation and support from the community.

Example initiatives facilitated through the IDriss browser extension:

Additionally, we propose integrating IDriss in the governance dashboard. Delegates are showcased, but those without an ENS name are represented only by their wallet address. With IDriss, these impersonal addresses can be replaced by recognizable Twitter usernames, enhancing delegate visibility and reputation.

Examples of IDriss integrations in user interfaces:


The Rari Foundation thrives on transparency, trust, and community engagement. IDriss aligns with these values by providing a more human-centric approach to wallet interactions and fundraising. By replacing impersonal wallet hashes with recognizable Twitter usernames and enabling perpetual donations, IDriss fosters a sense of community, trust, and financial support, essential for the success of the Delegate Launchpad Program, working groups, content creators, and Twitter Space speakers.


Technology: IDriss Chrome extension.

Integration: Linking of Twitter accounts to Ethereum wallet addresses.

Steps to Implement

  1. Integration Setup: Allowlist the Rari Foundation’s Twitter account, all working groups, content creators, delegates, and frequent Twitter Spaces speakers.
  2. Account Creation: Delegates, identified community members, and Twitter Space speakers create an IDriss account, linking their Twitter username to a public wallet address for accepting donations.
  3. Governance Dashboard Enhancement: Integrate IDriss into the governance dashboard for delegates using their open-source library. The governance dashboard will display Twitter names instead of delegates’ wallet addresses. This change allows token holders to have more context and learn about the delegates before delegating their votes. It enables them to make more informed decisions and potentially leverage the underlying Twitter infrastructure to DM the delegate. This integration requires only a few lines of code and takes minutes for an experienced developer.


Start Date: We can start as soon as possible.

Milestone 1: Completion of integration for the Rari Foundation twitter account, and for all sub-communities.

Milestone 2: Allowlist all delegates.

Overall Cost:

The integration of IDriss with the Rari Foundation will be done at no cost. The Rari Foundation’s Twitter account, their sub-communities, and all delegates will be whitelisted for free.


Next Steps (All delegates were allowlisted)

  1. Delegates register their Twitter names at and go to IDriss Dashboard to enable reverse record (it will make their Twitter show up instead of the wallet address in places like the delegate dashboard)

  2. Their devs integrate this in the UI (several lines of code): GitHub - idriss-crypto/ts-library: Library for integrating IDriss into your project.

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