Airdrop 2024

i have read the testnet end date. and ends on December 1. does the team not want to introduce any imbalance to the people who have tested the RariChain network. as a very initial contribution. and I don’t think many people are trying this network, so there’s no harm in giving a little imbalance to what’s already been built.

not only earn $Rari with the List/sell/bid nft system on the market, I hope Rari foundation sees this. if you have to issue rewards for contributions to the rari chain testnet which ended on December 1st. I think it’s also not a lot of address participation. So there’s no harm in giving them an award as an initial gift for the RariChain Network.

because less than 1000 addresses connected to the Rari chan testnet may think that this is a potential that allows them to get rewards for actually joining in the first place and testing the Rari Chain on the testnet
The positive impact was when the Rari foundation announced on X(twitter) that several addresses that carried out transactions on the Rari chain had been awarded for their testing. people will come here and see that Rari foundation has the potential they (new) hoped for and more and more will join/be attracted to RariChain

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Thank you for contributing your perspective. We are actively working on ways to grow the ecosystem.

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