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What is WUJI GAMES LLC and Earth Defenders?

Wuji Games is a video game developer focused on “green” gaming. Wuji integrates positive Environmental Action (IRL) into games utilizing NFT’s & the Metaverse.

Wuji’s first Game, Earth Defenders, will be the first Regenerative Gaming Rewards Engine & NFT Metaverse.

Earth Defender players will learn real permaculture skills including how to plant trees, fruits, vegetables, and plants as well as build homes, collect & store water and even produce energy. A portion of all in-game sales of NFTs (i.e. Skins, Tools, Characters, Weapons, Land and in-game level ups) will go towards planting trees, while NFTs representing the trees get minted. Our platform and Game Engine will track the regenerative actions such as trees being planted, and then use the Natural Capital Accounting principle to generate rewards from the improvement of living ecosystems, creating a new Green Standard where regenerating the earth is the new incentive.

After each tree gets planted it will be uploaded to an NFT blockchain platform, creating a new Protocol- Proof-of-CHI. The CHI is a protocol where a record is created and stored using an ERC1155 NFT Token and Polygon- Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains, These records can be used to track carbon sequestration, oxygen production, soil regeneration, water purification, creation of biodiversity, storm surge protection, rainwater generated, cooling of the planet, food, medicine, building materials, community health & happiness improvements, and all the ecosystems restoration actions that shall take place.

Partnerships to Date:

Wuji has partnered with Games Interactive - Siegeworlds - Armah Labs - Lightning Works for our Gaming Team & Rewards Engine. Wuji has also partnered with

ArtCommunity to generate our monthly digital NFT art events and challenges for special skins, tools, weapons, plants, equipment and other in-game articles. We will be onboarding other regenerative games into the engine to enable them to issue a wallet, passport and use our tracking dashboard & rewards system for their community of gamers.

Development to Date:

  • Metaverse primarily built and ready to release in 3 months
  • NFT’s Land Ready to Sale
  • Environmental Rewards Engine & Tracking Dashboard ready to deploy
  • International Sustainability Partners Established
  • Additional Games Ready to onboard for regenerative rewards
  • Top Tree Planting Partners Established for automatic Tree Planting
  • Game Studio and other 2d mobile games being built
  • Influencers, Streamers and Celebrities lined up ready to promote
  • Attended and Presented at: Comic Con NYC, Dubai World Expo, Cop26 Glasgow, NFT.NYC, Miami Bit Basel, Puerto Rico Coin Agenda

What problem or opportunity are you looking to solve?

  • Wuji recognizes the need to take care of our Earth and Earth Defenders is gamifying planting trees with Eden reforestation Projects and taking care of the the oceans with Climate Foundation and Regenerative Agriculture with the World Hemp Alliance
  • Wuji is Gamifying Earth Positive actions with our Metaverse Earth Defenders but also for other metaverses to have an API rewards system and ESG/SDG/NCA tracking dashboard for Earth Positive actions.
  • Wuji is also launching APIs and Widgets for G-Commmerce to automate online transactions to plant trees with the checkout process and mint tokens or NFTs for the customers for their contributions.
  • Earth Defenders are committed to the E-Learning for Positive Earth Actions

Other Opportunities:

Pioneers in the Regen Economy

Metaverse For Good

Staking & REFI - Regen Finance

High Finance Tools- Pensions, “Green” Bonds, New Apps, I.E. RobinHood for Tree’s

Wuji Token - we will launch Wuji token for community members

Funding Milestones and Payments & Use of Funds

Note: Wuji just started reaching out to investors and are ready to scale. We built everything first instead of asking for funding first.

Milestones & payments:

Phase 1: Earth Defenders NFT Launch ( = $30kUSD +

Delivery Date: January 31st 2020 NFT Earth Defenders Art Exhibit Chicago IL

  • Auction of first 1,000 Islands as NFTs throughout January: $5,000 - Marketing

(each island is 2.5 acres of land)

  • Earth Defenders NFT Physical Launch Party 10k pieces of Earth (ETA) January 31st Chicago: $4,000
  • Game Development Testing and Beta Prep Release - 3 months Total for Beta - $6,000
  • Marketing, Media & PR: $5,000
  • Payment for Business Executive Team: $6,000
  • Blockchain APIs & Tree Planting and ESG Dashboard: $4,000

Phase 2: Game Development - Blockchain Dashboard - February 28th 2022 - $30k

  • Game Design and Development & Wuji Token: $10,000
  • Additional NFTs for Monthly Earth Drops - Characters, Seeds, Animals, Tools: $4,000
  • Blockchain Rewards Dashboard & Tracking solutions & Wuji Token Development: $10,000
  • Executive Team: $6,000

Phase 3: Game Beta & ESG Dashboard Launch $40k March 28th

  • Game Beta Releases - Plant Hemp Seeds on Farm and Learn to Grow your Farm- $10,000
  • Blockchain Rewards Dashboard & APIs - Automated Tree Planting Protocols: $10,000
  • Marketing, Media & PR: $8,000
  • Executive Team: $8,000
  • Artist commissioned for future NFTs: $4,000

Total payment: $100kUSD, complete upon delivery of phases. The first milestone should have a maximum amount of funding of $10K. Each subsequent deliverable should have a maximum amount of $20K to ensure teams are help accountable. Higher amounts are possible for teams with track records, but it should be more challenging to pass these proposals.

Payments will be made to the following Ethereum address: WUJI Games

We consider ourselves independent contractors of the Rarible DAO and will report taxes accordingly. Forms W8-BEN and W9 will be filled out accordingly before funds get distributed to our team. [this is a requirement]

Business Model

What is your business model? This is important if Rarible or the Rarible ecosystem will need to pay for your services after funding.

Note that all software produced should be open source with MIT license.

  • Gamifying Regenerative Protocols and APIs to Plant and Track Trees and Give Rewards to Gamers, Merchants, Industries and Governments
  • Connect with Gaming and Green Networks for the adoption of Regenerative Gaming

Wuji Team Members

Here is a link to their Linkedins. They have been active in the community for 3 years, and have a great track record.

  • Stephen Cutter : Founder & CEO - Regen Master
  • Geoff McCabe: Co-Founder & COO - Geoff is a founder of Divi Project a top 150 blockchain Company
  • Jake O’Connor: Game Developer. - Jake is the CEO Games Interactive
  • Joshua Armah: Date Scientist. - Joshua is the Founder of Wiase Research - Blockchain Architect
  • Miguel Vallejo: Art Director- Miguel is the founder of ArtCommunity which is a Network of top artist from Puerto Rico with a NFT marketplace

Wuji Games contact: contact information is Stephen@WujiGames.com

How long has your team worked together? - 10 months


Our project will attend weekly community calls, and provide updates on our milestones as we make progress. In the event that we can’t fulfill our commitment, funds will be returned to Rarible DAO. We will also work with community members to ensure updates are distributed through the Rarible communication channels. [update and adjust accordingly!]

Note: we expect all teams to attend community calls

Why should Rarible DAO fund this: What is the benefit to RARI token holders?

  • Tree Planting Rewards System and Part of the Green Revolution

How will this help grow the ecosystem, or bring value to them?

  • It brings in the Wuji Ecosystem of Regenerators from around the world to help showcase Rarible on the cutting Edge of Sustainability, NFTs and Gaming for Good
  • Help Rarible be known as a green friendly marketplace

-We will mint and sell the NFT’s on Rarible, which will help drive customers onto Rarible

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The time is now to take direct action towards the improvement of the Earth. Come be and Earth Defender with us and make gaming and technology a global force for good

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