A Pile of Cash, No Action: Rarible's $33M – What's Our Next Move

Hello Rarible Community,

In the wake of our last proposal discussions, it has become evident that there’s a need for clarity regarding the RARI Foundation’s financial resources and spending strategies. As we navigate these waters, I believe an open and honest conversation is crucial for the health and growth of our DAO.

Key Discussion Points

  1. Understanding Available Funds and Spending Guidelines:
  • Our DAO currently holds a significant reserve of $33 million. However, there appears to be a lack of clear guidelines on what constitutes reasonable spending. This ambiguity can lead to differing opinions and decisions that may not align with the DAO’s overall objectives.
  1. Perspectives on DAO’s Financial Resources:
  • Recently, some comments from individuals affiliated with Rarible suggested viewing these funds as “pocket money,” implying a preference to let the funds grow rather than utilize them. This viewpoint might not resonate with all DAO members, who may see these funds as crucial for driving growth and innovation.
  1. Need for Clear Goals, KPIs, and Budget:
  • The current approach to funding and project support seems protectionistic, with few successful initiatives emerging. A lack of defined goals, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and a transparent budgeting process could be contributing factors.
  1. Proposal for an Open Discussion:
  • To address these issues, I propose we initiate an open discussion within the DAO. This conversation should aim to:
    • Clearly define the DAO’s short-term and long-term goals.
    • Establish measurable KPIs to guide our initiatives.
    • Develop a transparent and strategic budgeting process that aligns with our objectives.
    • Foster a more inclusive and diverse viewpoint on how we utilize our financial resources.

The Way Forward

This discussion is not just about numbers and budgets; it’s about setting a vision for our community and aligning our actions with that vision. Our collective goal should be to foster innovation, support meaningful projects, and ensure the sustainable growth of the ecosystem.

  • How do you believe we should utilize our $33 million reserve?
  • What projects or initiatives do you think deserve funding, and why?
  • How can we strike a balance between cautious saving and bold investment to drive growth?

I urge each one of you to join this crucial discussion. Share your thoughts, debate the possibilities, and let’s collaboratively chart a course that not only respects our collective resources but also unlocks the full potential of the Rarible ecosystem.

Together, we can turn this discussion into a defining moment for the DAO. Your input could be the catalyst for our next big breakthrough!

Best regards,

Starinin, Rari Delegate